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Girls Living Out Loud Mtl, brings together the raddest women & girls, both locally and beyond.  GLOL is designed to be a bilingual community around mental wellness, self love, self esteem and self worth for young women and girls in Quebec and throughout Canada.  #GLOLmtl Summits has REAL LIFE role models and influencers wanting to educate through their Social Media Lens, and hearing and learning about their real life struggles and achievements in person, through storytelling, workshops, activations and more.  We aim to provide YOU with tools, open up real conversations, and empower YOU to be the best possible version of YOU!


We understand that the constant need for perfection around body image, beauty, lifestyle, relationships, school, work, & social media are creating a new set of issues, anxiety and pressures for women today.  We want to equipe young women and girls to embrace who they are, question limits, push boundaries (even within themselves), fear less and do more, all with stronger confidence and leadership abilities!   


There will be rad speakers, amazing workshops, gifts, live music, dancing and much more!




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