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Dr Lauren
Lynsy Lab
Marsha Elle
KGMTL - Katherine G
Kaniehtiio Horn
Justine Gagnon
Annie Bienvenue
Shannon Cunningham
Carmen & Alarey
Chantal Pitre
Mama Oracle
Aiesha Robinson
Maryse & Chantal
Joëlle & Désirée
Shenaz Mohammed
Sarah Gagné
Emma Kelly
Elody Petit
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ROOM 1- What’s Your Astrological Superpower by Shannon Cunningham 

ROOM 2- Say It With Confidence by Annie Bienvenue

ROOM 3- Express Your Style by Justine Gagnon 

ROOM 4- Improv’ing Through Improv by Carmen & Alarey 

ROOM 5- My money, My POWER by Chantal Pitre 

ROOM 6- Do You Boo by KGmtl 


ROOM1- Self Care & Feminine Energy by Mama Oracle

ROOM 2- Embracing Perfectly Imperfect by Aiesha Robinson

ROOM 3- Be Self-ie Ready & Know your Personal Brand by Shenaz Mohammed

ROOM 4- Say It Out Loud & Connect by Joëlle & Desirée

ROOM 5- Unblock Your Potential by Maryse & Chantal

ROOM 6- Women Empowering Women through Fitness by Sarah, Tina & Layal

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