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Dr. Lauren

Founder of #NotTherapy



Last June, Dr. Lauren Hazzouri blew us away with her approach to mental health, self esteem and self love. There were so many “ah-ha” moments for everyone there of all ages, and many asked to have her back. So, for our GLOLmtl 2019 we certaintly didn’t hesitate to bring her again, to finish off what was started.

Dr. Lauren is a licensed psychologist, founder of Hazzouri Psychology and of “Not Therapy”. The lifestyle program created by Dr. Lauren Hazzouri, “Not Therapy” program helps girls see clearly the aspects of society that contribute to their mental health concerns; to manage the symptoms they’re experiencing and to empower them with the ability to care for themselves and connect with others in a meaningful way.

In addition to being a contributor to GURLS Talk (the girl empowerment platform founded by Adwoa Aboah), Dr. Lauren is a regular guest on the Girlboss Self-Service podcast. She also serves as a contributor and advisor to LEVO Institute and has been featured in Teen Vogue, Vogue and Glamour, where she was recognized as one of the top five women in the world currently inspiring girls and women.

As well, she is an active member of The American Psychological Association and has received multiple awards and honors for her work, including The Psychology in the Media Award.

Find her here:

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